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Review Medical History, focuses on symptoms and there duration of medications that people take may cause urination problems, family history of prostate problems including history of prostate cancer.
LIMITED PHYSICAL EXAMINATION includes check of penis, testis and examination of prostate. Prostate examination involves a gloved finger in the rectum in order to feel back portions of the prostate. This allows for a measurement of the size of the prostate and feels for prostate cancer.
Also to know details about prostate problems, the following tests such as urine microscopic test, intravenous pyelogram (IVP) which is a type of x-ray, Bladder Ultrasound which indicates size of the prostate and bladder capacity, prostate ultrasound by which it is possible to know volume of the prostate gland, guide to take prostate needle biopsies etc. can be performed at our centre.
Comfort has a sophisticated URODYNAMIC machine by which bladder capacity, bladder function, urine flow etc. can be estimated very accurately.