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CT SCAN (128 Slice)

The department of C.T Scan (128 Slice) offers state of the art technology with spiral scaning for scheduled appointments, urgent and emergeny patients.
Our goal is to offer same or next day service for our referred patients. Technical staff includes state licensed radiology technologists. Board certified radiologists with subspeciality expertise interpret scans and perform radiological consultations.
CT Scan is an imaging technology, which uses x-ray beams (radiation) and computers to form detailed, cross-sectional (sliced or multi-planar) images of an area of anatomy. CT scans are frequently used to evaluate abnormalities, which result from blood vessel blockages and /or damaged caused by trauma such as head injuries. CT may be used to locate infections or tumours and serves as a valuable tool for use in minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures which were previously possible only with surgery.
While the CT Scan unit is in operation, x-ray beams pass through the body parts depending on the density of the structure being scanned. This process is recorded by computers and translated into images in varying shades of gray, which are on sheets of film, which the radiologists reviews.

Brain Head
Pituitary Fossa
Chest - Mediastinum
HBS - Upper Abdomen
Abdomino-Pelvic organs
K.U.B Region
Supra-Renal Glands
Abdominal Mass / Lumps
Lower Abdomen-Pelvic Organs
Myelo-CT of Cervical Spine
Myelo-CT  of Dorsal Spine
Myelo-CT of L/S Spine
Spines - Plain

CT - Urogram
Renal Angiogram
Coronary Angiogram
Cerebral Angiogram
Carotid Angiogram
Thoracic Angiogram
Peripheral Angiogram
Whole Body Angiogram
Abdominal Aortogram
Pulmonary Angiogram
Liver Angiogram
CT - Venogram
Thoracic Aortogram
Virtual Total Body Scan
3D Virtual Bronchoscopy
3D Virtual Colonscopy
3D Virtual Endoscopy

·        CT scan examinations are not painful, however, if you have concerns about your ability to lie still and hold a special positions, please discuss them with the CT Scan technologist before your examination.
·        Before your examination, a  technologist will review your medical/allergy history and answer any questions you may have. He or she will keep you informed and support you throughout the study and be there to help you off the scanning bed when the examination is complete.
·        You may be asked to change into a gown before your examination to avoid possible interference from snaps or metal fasteners in clothing.
·        Some CT scan examinations require an intravenous (IV) contrast injection during examination to enhance the results of your study. This injection is placed in a vein in your hand or arm. Patient should inform the technologist of any contrast reaction/allergies before the examination.
·       For CT scan examination, most patients are helped to lie flat on a scanning bed. During the examination, the bed will pass in measured increments through a doughnut shaped frame,(gantry). The ganty contains an x-ray tube and detectors, which move in a circular path while the machine is in operation.
·         Depending on the information needed, CT scan may take 15 minutes to an hour or more to complete.